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Medtech company focused on developing cutting-edge technology and produts that make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all

Medical Expertise

Knowledge, skills, and experience that our healthcare professionals possess in order to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness and diseases. Including a deep understanding of the human body, as well as an understanding of the various diseases and conditions that can affect the body.

Medtech Innovation

Use cutting-edge science and technology to create solutions that are more efficient, effective and sustainable than traditional approaches. 

Technological Consulting 

Help businesses and organizations to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and profitability developing a technology strategy and providing guidance on the selection, implementation and management of technlogy solutions.

About us

Ownmed Innovation 

Ownmed Innovation is a MedTech spin-off based in Madrid, Spain, at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare solutions. Specializing in the development of cutting-edge medical technologies, our mission is to enhance patient outcomes and redefine the landscape of healthcar delivery. 

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, striving to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ownmed Innovation is at the forefront of shaping the future of high-quality healthcare.

Enhance, Empower, Experience:  


Ownmed’s core technology, Ostofix®, is a revolutionary ostomy device catering to patients with ostomies. With its unique capability to manage waste material, Ostofix® sets a new benchmark in ostomy care, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality for patients. 

*Ostofix® is currently in development.


The Team

Ana Ye Zhang

Ana Ye Zhang

CEO & Founder

Manuel Desco Menéndez

Manuel Desco Menéndez

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Jesús García-Foncillas López

Jesús García-Foncillas López

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Joaquín Solanes Portillo

Joaquín Solanes Portillo

Partner & Financial Advisor

Recognitions & Awards

1st Prize as a Best Startup in LN Meeting 2023

Ownmed Innovation in the TOP 100 Startups list of APTE


Ownmed Innovation addresses a global issue: ostomy

«Ownmed Innovation is a technological spin-off resulting from the collaboration between the Biomedical Research Foundation of Gregorio Marañón Hospital (FIBHGM), the Health Research Institute Foundation Jiménez Díaz (IIS-FJD), and Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M). Founded on June 24, 2021, Ownmed Innovation is faced with the challenge of addressing a global issue: ostomy.»

Researches from The Gregorio Marañón Hospital create four innovative health devices

During this day, Ownmed Innovation was announced, one of the ‘Marañon brand’ projects and the latest spin-off to be created. Through it, a medical device has been designed that replaces the collection bags carried by ostomy patients and that provides greater safety and comfort of use, contributing to improving their quality of life.

Ownmed Innovation wins the fifth startup acceleration program at La Nave

«La Nave concludes the fifth edition of its startup acceleration program with its classic LN Meeting, the annual event that brings together key stakeholders in the national innovation ecosystem. The event featured the participation of the best-accelerated companies throughout the past year at the innovation center of the City Council of Madrid. The central act of LN Meeting 2023 was a final demo day, where the startup Ownmed Innovation claimed the first prize.»

Ownmed Innovation, awarded as the Best Startup of the Year at LN Meeting 2023

«On November 21, the LN Meeting 2023 award ceremony took place at La Nave, where Ownmed Innovation won the first prize for Best Startup of the Year.

During the event, Ana Ye Zhang, CEO and Founder of OWNMED INNOVATION and participant in the Healthstart madri+d 2023 program with the Ostofix project, had the opportunity to explain through her pitch the focus of her initiative, its objectives, and contributions to society.»

LN Meeting 2023: These are the winning startups

«On November 21, the LN Meeting 2023 took place, the annual innovation celebration organized by La Nave to bring together attendees with investors, institutions, and startups shaping the future of the city of Madrid.

La Nave concluded the fifth edition of its acceleration program with the presentation and pitch of 9 selected startups: Digüd, Factoría de Patologías, FunTech Rocket, Linking Drones, MyWay Heels, Ownmed Innovation, MENOStrash, and WoWplay. The 10th participant was Capazeta, winner of the DemoDay in the II Edition of La Nave’s Softlanding Europa program.»

Ana Ye Zhang, from nurse to biomedical engineer: 'I have left everything to embark on entrepreneurship

«Nurse and biomedical engineer Ana Ye Zhang (Madrid, 31 years old) is the creator of a medical device that replaces the ostomy bag for people with colon or bladder cancer, Crohn’s disease, or other inflammatory intestinal conditions. These individuals often live ‘attached’ to a bag, as she explained a few months ago to Innovaspain.

In a recent meeting at the Science and Technology in Female event held last Friday at Carlos III University in Madrid, the engineer shared with Innovaspain that her project, Ownmed Innovation, already has an open funding round for those interested in investing in the project. She stated, ‘It’s not easy to find investors, and we already have some interested parties behind us,’ celebrating the progress of her venture.»

Ana Ye Zhang: 'We want to change the lives of ostomized patients

«Nurse and biomedical engineer, Ye Zhang is the CEO of Ownmed Innovation, a company working on a medical device to replace the traditional ostomy bag, providing these patients with more independence and hygiene. The startup is part of the V Acceleration Program at La Nave, the Innovation Center of the City Council of Madrid.»

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Thank you for your interest in contacting us! We welcome any questions or feedback you may have. If you are interested in a possible collaboration or would like more information abour our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We lok forward to hearing from you!

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